Why Croatia?  During the Austria-Hungarian war in 1913, my father fled his native country of Croatia and made his way to freedom as a stow-a-way on a ship bound for America.  He had only five dollars in his pocket and little understanding of the English language.

My father farmed approximately 400 acres in Oak Grove, Louisiana, gradually employing others to help in his endeavors.  He ultimately sold his crops for further distribution.  As a result of his efforts, many in the community were clothed and fed.  He was proud to give back to the country that had given him freedom and the opportunity to express his entrepreneur spirit.

His death in 1971 left me with a yearning to know more about the land he left behind.  Despite the fact I had visited the country numerous times before, it was during a visit in 2002 that I realized the difficulty the country was having entering a totally free market system.  When I returned to the States, I felt as though I had to do something. And, CEEbiz was born.  It's my opportunity to give back to my father’s country what he gave to mine.

The reward is two-fold.  Boutiques and individuals which choose to purchase Croatian goods are helping Croatia in its difficult transition from socialism to the free market while at the same time allowing individuals and  customers the satisfaction of helping the Croatian people emerge from the clutches of communism and realize the same freedom my father knew in America.
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